• Window displays

    - Designing

    - Sourcing

    - Prop making

    - Installing

    - Dressing

    - Styling

  • In-store displays

    - Focal point

    - Product feature

    - Seasonal display

    - Product launch

    - Promotional event

  • Events displays

    - Pop-up shop design

    - Press event

    - Marketing event

  • VM

    - Store audit

    - Visual merchandising

    - Space planning

    - Planogram

    - VM manual

    - VM workshop


At HOUSE OF BO, we recognise the immense impact that visual merchandising can have on your brand and sales. We are passionate about all things retail and find great excitement in implementing new principles of visual merchandising. Our true joy comes from witnessing products come to life and captivating customers through engaging displays.

We take great pleasure in connecting with our clients, understanding their unique businesses, and discussing their needs in order to turn their ambitions into reality. Research plays a crucial role in our design process, as we conduct thorough audits of stores to gain a comprehensive understanding of what works well and identify areas that could benefit from improved visual merchandising practices.

In addition to Visual Merchandising, HOUSE OF BO has a deep passion for creating one-of-a-kind and stunning shop window displays and installations. We believe that windows play a vital role in building a strong brand, serving as the ultimate tool to inspire customers and drive footfall into stores. Whether it's for seasonal events or promotional campaigns, we have the ability to design, source, and implement captivating window schemes. When it comes to window displays, there are no limits to our creativity.

At HOUSE OF BO, we thrive on solving problems and embracing the thrill of the unknown. With our team's diverse creativity, distinct perspectives, and extensive expertise, we are fully equipped to take on your upcoming project!


Each project is unique and requires a tailored approach. However, these following steps offer an overview of HOUSE OF BO project timeline.

  • Display for commercial window

    Window design Javelin

    For over two decades and with over 120 unique designs, we have taken immense pleasure in crafting captivating window displays for Javelin. These displays have played a pivotal role in shaping Javelin's identity, captivating customers and making them feel truly welcome.

    Window displays 
  • Retail display, food display, food visual merchandising, Marks & Spencer

    VM development M&S

    M&S has presented us with an incredible chance to actively participate in developing every aspect of VM across various product categories, both in the UK and internationally. Over the years, we have collaborated closely with the head office team to design captivating displays that would be showcased in more than 600 stores across the UK.

    Visual merchandising 
  • Javelin basement, shop design, denim display, jeans display, store interior design

    VM development Javelin

    We are thrilled to have been instrumental in developing Javelin's Visual Merchandising principles and enforcing robust visual standards throughout the stores.

    Visual merchandising 
  • Event installation Wyevale

    Over the years, we've had the honor of working with Wyevale to design displays for various events and seasonal releases. Additionally, we've been instrumental in assisting the head office team by crafting visual guidelines for their Garden Centres.

    Press launch events 
  • Retail display, corporate window display, solicitor services

    Window design Gross & Co.

    Gross & Co., a warm and family-oriented Solicitor firm, had a brilliant idea to enhance their visibility on the bustling high street. They cleverly utilised their window space not just to showcase their services, but also to establish a personal connection with individuals and extend a warm welcome to both new and loyal clients.

    Corporate windows 
  • Visual Merchandising manual for retailer

    VM development Harley-Davidson

    Stéphane spent numerous years as a key member of an expert VM specialist group that worked on enhancing the Harley-Davidson Global Visual Merchandising Program and rolling out new VM guidelines in dealerships throughout Europe.

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