• Jess & Adam | Cockfield

    «I absolutely LOVE what Jen has done with our space, she worked so methodically and really listened to what we wanted. She helped me push the boundaries with colour combinations I wouldn’t have been able to achieve. I absolutely trusted her opinion. It’s even better than I could have imagined. She created a total oasis for us. My absolute go to for any design guidance!»

  • Tori & Tom | Bury St Edmunds

    «HOUSE OF BO did an exceptional job and transformed my house into the most beautiful home beyond my imagination. Jen is very practical & will not compromise the functionality of the space but at the same time manages to deliver an incredible & beautiful space to live in! Thank you BO! »

  • Jeremy & Joanna (Javelin) | Bury St Edmunds

    «Javelin, Bury St Edmunds is a multi award winning retail fashion business based in Bury St Edmunds that I ran along with my wife and fellow Director Joanna Clayton from 1989 until 2023.
    I had the pleasure of collaborating closely with Stéphane Hanri over a period lasting 20 years. Initially I contacted him with regards to assisting with the design and coordinating of our window displays. We were looking to take our brand to the next level and Stéphane arrived just at the right time. He very quickly became my go to for all types of design. Javelin was a business that never stood still and I worked with Stéphane on multiple stores and projects. He would keep constantly afresh with the latest in retail design and marketing and always come up with schemes that would keep Javelin ahead of the game. His attention to detail and professional approach would be evident from the first time he would present a design, always using the latest graphic techniques. His designs are always creative and contain an element of surprise, which to my mind is essential when running an independent retail fashion store. As regards the boring stuff he does that well too! He is always reliable and works to a deadline, again essential when running a business to the retail calendar.
    During the time working with Stéphane Javelin won multiple awards, including a Drapers National Award for Womenswear in 2012. We honestly could not have got Javelin to the level we did without Stéphane’s input and for that we will always be grateful and we are delighted to call him a friend.
    I am very excited that Stéphane is starting a new project along with Jenny Alston. Jenny initially worked at the Bury store and then after she left she collaborated with Stéphane on the Javelin displays as well as running her own interior design consultancy.
    Together they make a dynamic team and Joanna and I would highly recommend them.»

  • Onky (AggieV) | Bungay

    « Last October, Jen and Stephane walked into my life and my shop AggieV.  My initial thoughts were how to design/decorate the shop?  What I ended up with was far more than this, a beautiful shop and a brand identity!  

    The ideas put forward on mood boards and sketches, were amazing.  This left two and half weeks for Jen and Stephane to pull it all together.  Stephane and Jen were busy painting, and creating panels of upholstered velvet walls, and then carefully presented the stock, beautifully laid out in the shop. With only a few hours to go before the opening of my shop, Jen and Stephane pulled it off!!!

    They both put their heart and soul into my shop, and went the extra mile.  They were a huge support to me as well, as this was my first venture into owning a shop. The work of House of BO is exceptional, I would always recommend them to other clients who need a magic wand of talent waved. And I was lucky enough to gain two new wonderful friends. »

  • Becs & Dan | Bury St Edmunds

    «Jen is beyond talented! Not only is she creative, bold and inspiring, but she also has the vision and the practical skills to pull any project together. Whether she is completely transforming an unexciting space to show stopper level, or delicately elevating and enhancing an existing space, she is the only person I would go to. She will nudge your boundaries to create something truly special, and your will always be blown away by the final result. Not only is she super talented, but she is kind and warm and such a pleasure to work with. »

  • Nina (Halo) | Stowmarket

    Jen from HOUSE OF BO has been working in partnership with Grow My Wellbeing to transform our office space with the perfect finishing touches. Her eye for detail and incredible style led us to encourage her to take creative control, and she has done more with the space than we could have imagined!

    Jen designed the space with an abundance of beautiful plants and trinkets that complemented and elevated our existing décor. From the outset, she showed expertise in how she curated the space. It was so exciting watching the preparation happen via her Instagram stories, and we loved the mood boards she created at each phase of the installation.

    The planters she sourced for us look beautiful in the office. She has an amazing eye for how different textures and materials work together, and came up with so many ideas we would never have been able to envision without her! One of these ideas was two stunning murals for our walls. She worked tirelessly into the evening on several occasions, ensuring no one in the office was disturbed. It was so well executed, looking identical to the mock up, despite being on such a large scale. These have added character and WOW-factor and the space looks so much happier and brighter!

    It's lovely seeing someone who clearly loves her work so much. Jen is a joy to have in the office, and our employees love to see her when she's working on new ideas and projects! We couldn't be happier with how everything has turned out - the office is so much more warm and inviting with her input. We highly recommend Jenny for anyone looking for a passionate and dedicated creative to transform their space. Her expertise and attention to detail have truly made a positive impact on our office environment, and the fact she's so lovely is the best added bonus!

  • Nina (Halo) | Stowmarket

    We asked Chantal to help finish off our office renovation with her planting expertise, and she didn't disappoint! We absolutely loved her previous work and she is clearly incredibly knowledgeable, so we encouraged her to work her magic and take creative control of the process.

    She was full of amazing ideas, and really understood the vibe we were trying to create based on our existing decor. Her communication was exceptional - we were able to watch the preparation through her Instagram stories, where she spent hours identifying plants perfect for our space, repotting in specific soils, and even cleaning slate by hand!

    The installation process was impressive. Chantal worked both during office working hours and over the weekend to ensure our staff weren't disturbed by the more involved work. She even made sure to communicate with employees to reflect their preferences throughout the process, and has added a kitchen herb garden accordingly!

    One thing that we really appreciate about Chantal is that you can really tell she cares about what she does. She comes to the office weekly in order to maintain all of her amazing work, and has done a great job with such a large volume of plants. If any of the plants are looking a bit sad, she happily takes the time to change their soil to ensure their longevity. Our employees love having her in the office each week!

    We couldn't be happier with the service we have received from Chantal, and would highly recommend her to anyone - whether you're a business or an individual - to help with all your plant needs! Her expertise and attention to detail have truly made a positive impact on our office environment, and the fact she's so lovely is the best added bonus!

  • Bella (Unmatched Agency) | Bury St Edmunds

    Chantal supplied and installed our office plants and they look fantastic! Amazing healthy plants and quick service. They have really transformed the space, thank you so much!