‘Our aim is to create spaces that wow, one that will be truly loved and there to be fully enjoyed - that’s what we want to achieve on every project!’

The HOUSE OF BO Design Studio experience is about supporting our clients to make informed decisions, curating treasured objects and to provide designs that are functional, innovative and result in beautiful spaces.

We are here to share our passion in the world of architecture, arts, interior design and plantscaping with you!

We work with varied projects in terms of needs as well as smaller to larger, long term projects but always with the same standards, energy and enthusiasm. We are not only creating spaces, we are creating experiences. 

By combining our knowledge and specialist skills, ability to problem solve, our eye for great design and our passion within our field-we hope to take your project to the next level!

Contact HOUSE OF BO today, we will grab a coffee sit down and discuss your interior project!


Jenny Alton, interior designer, home stager, commercial space designer, House of BO interior design studio, Suffolk


I am the founder of HOUSE OF BO and I have always had a passion for design, whether that be fashion or interiors/architecture/art-it all draws me in and makes me buzz! 

Although my passion/obsession with design started in Fashion Design & Art it lead me down the route of Interior Design. 

To design something that someone loves is such a privilege and I feel lucky to be working with the most fantastic clients designing their homes and also commercial projects.  

My personal style is a mixture of my Swedish heritage, (I grew up by the Swedish west coast, Lysekil), but also the style I have developed over time through travelling, staying curious in life and always being drawn in by the world of art and design. 

In my eyes, interiors are the backdrop/setting to your life! After all this is where we live - inside houses. A space that has been well designed can literally change your quality of life as it changes HOW you live in your space and how it makes you FEEL. For me, the design should consider the lifestyle and personality of the people living in the space. Interior design is storytelling. To bring the home to life by creating a story through colour, textures, artwork, furniture, decorative/functional objects, patterns and forms that are full of beauty, adventure and soul. 

With House of BO I wished to create something strong in design, work ethics, vision and ideas, problem solving, brainstorming and creating something that is not your average! This is the prerogative of the HOUSE OF BO Studio Team - together using the combined skills and passion of the House of BO Team, we look to create innovative, functional, atmospheric inviting and stunning spaces. Depending on your project I will pull on the team that is House of BO to design spaces that will do the trick on all levels! 

Stéphane Hanri, interior designer, home stager, visual merchandising consultant, commercial space designer, House of BO interior design studio, Suffolk


Hi there! I'm originally from France but have been living in the UK since the late 80's. Moving to England has given me the chance to pursue my passion in the dynamic world of retail, specialising in Retail Design & Visual Merchandising. My main focus is on enhancing the customer experience by creating captivating "retail theatre" while upholding retail standards through innovative VM practices. 

As a retail VM & Design Consultant, I've had the privilege of working on various projects with renowned high street brands and international labels. Additionally, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with independent retailers, bringing my expertise in retail design to their businesses. 

One of the perks of my job is the opportunity to travel! I've contributed to projects in Shanghai, Dubai, Paris, and all across the UK for M&S. I've even had the chance to closely collaborate with Harley-Davidson, developing their Global Visual Merchandising Program, which has taken me on journeys throughout Europe. 

I draw inspiration from the most unexpected sources, always keeping an open mind and allowing my imagination to take flight. Nature serves as a great influencer, and I often find references in its beauty. I'm also very sensitive to exquisitely crafted buildings, art, interiors, music, and the appeal of perfect imperfection. 

By incredible luck, I crossed paths with Jen. We quickly discovered that we share similar perspectives on what makes a space special and how Interior Design can enrich our lives. We are absolutely thrilled to be working together, combining our experience and creativity to establish HOUSE OF BO as the ultimate destination for Interior Design. Stay tuned for exciting things to come!

chantal, grow my wellbeing, plantscaping expert, plant expert


I am a passionate plantscaper with a deep appreciation for the role of plants in enhancing our wellbeing and health. Growing up in South Africa, I was surrounded by lush greenery, which sparked my love for plants and their ability to transform spaces. Now, at HOUSE OF BO, I am aiming to bring my expertise in plantscaping to businesses and larger installations. By incorporating plants into indoor spaces, I not only add visual interest and beauty but also promotes a healthier environment for all. Studies have shown that indoor plants can improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity, making them an essential element in any space. I am dedicated to bringing the benefits of plants to my clients, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also promote mental and physical wellbeing.