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Interior Design is story telling and our aim is to bring your home to life by creating a story through colour, textures, artwork, furniture, decorative and functional objects, patterns and form that are full of beauty, adventure and soul!

Our job is to create a functional, cohesive and stunning scheme, spot the problem areas, erase them or even turning them into positives. We are here to help you visualise, make the right choices and advise you every step of the way and to make you excited about your project!

HOUSE OF BO believe good interiors is about creating a feeling and not only about how it looks. We put value and huge consideration into how the space is going to be used and aim to reflect the character and lifestyle of the people living there as well as taking their style to the next level through our eyes and filter.

Our job is to offer ‘the dream’ you didn’t see but will hopefully love! 

Interiors are there to be functional, beautiful and to enhance your everyday life and for your to enjoy!


Our design packages are entirely bespoke and offer a flexible service guided by the client’s needs. This approach allows the client to move at their own pace to suit their project and budget.
  • Interior design, coordinated dining room scheme, Jen alton design

    Dining & Living Space Bury St Edmunds

    This open plan living space is one of the design projects HOUSE OF BO have had the pleasure to work on. It was a complete renovation project including walls being opened up to create a new inclusive living space with new windows and sliding doors to the garden patio.

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  • Interior design, living space large plants, Jen alton design

    Living space Gt Barton

    The clients at this project had a couple of things they didn’t want and that was grey/boring! Fresh and contemporary and there was a love for pastels in the brief. Ultimately the client wanted an inviting and cool living space. We also worked at inviting the outdoors in and mirroring the garden’s beauty inside.

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  • Interior design, cloakroom plants, Jen alton design

    Cloakroom Bury St Edmunds

    This cloakroom was a renovation + remodel including layout as well as a total facelift with new, wall hung cubed sink, taps and all the trimmings including a hand-painted mural by HOUSE OF BO to raise the design levels and make this cloakroom have more than a little extra!

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  • Interior design, neutral and textured dining room

    Kitchen & Dining Space Cockfield

    This project was offering new possibilities in everyday living by adding an extension to the rear of the house hosting a new kitchen and dining space where the client wanted natural and calm and a feeling of sophisticated Ibiza vibes.

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  • Interior design, kids playroom


    This project was prior to being transformed into a kids playroom, a cellar used for storage! It now hosts a playroom and a cloakroom. HOUSE OF BO love working with kids rooms as they can be so imaginative and fun!

    Playroom projects 
  • Interior design, terrazzo bathroom


    Bathrooms and cloackrooms have become statement rooms in their own right. Make a splash!

    Bathroom projects 

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