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Strategic placement and selection of plant species to complement architectural and interior aspects as well as enhancing spatial, emotional and environmental effects. HOUSE OF BO also sources suitable planters/pots to work alongside the interiors and plants. This service includes the installation process and is ideal for offices, restaurants and commercial spaces.

Jenny Alton, interior designer, home stager, commercial space designer, house of bo studio



This fantastic project was a collaboration between HOUSE OF BO & Grow My Wellbeing.
It involved 300+ plants carefully sourced and planters that helped further elevate the existing interior as well as full installation.
House of BO also sourced artwork for this client throughout the offices and designed+painted 2 large wall murals to help tie it all together!
  • Nina @ Halo | Newmarket, UK

    «Jen from HOUSE OF BO has been working in partnership with Grow My Wellbeing to transform our office space. Her eye for detail and incredible style has led us to encourage her to take creative control and she has done more with the space than we could have ever imagined! We couldn’t be happier with how everything has turned out - the office is so much more warm and inviting with her input. We highly recommend Jen for anyone looking for a passionate and dedicated creative to transform their space. Her expertise and attention to detail have truly made a positive impact on out office environment and the fact she’s so lovely is the best added bonus!»

Retail interior design, womenswear, lighting, aggiev, bungay



In this project Jen & Stephane at HOUSE OF BO was looking to reflect the brand identity and carry through the bespoke design scheme that we created throughout the Boutique.

This service is a collaboration with Grow My Wellbeing who is an expert in plants.