Residential Remodelling & Renovation

This home was radically transformed on all levels; function, form and layout as well as the usage of the space and a complete redesign of its style.

We opened up the spaces to create a one large dining and living space as well as an additional zone to enjoy, socialise and relax in that is linked to the beautiful garden blurring the lines of the inside and outside. This new use of space will offer a fantastic space for this family and couple that love to socialise and host dinners, events and BBQs.

The brief was simple: A social space with NO GREY but instead pastels. This grew to a love affair of colours where stronger pops of colours were mixed with softer tones of pastels. We wanted to add character to the fireplace wall which we turned into a scene setter with carefully curated wallpaper. All furniture, art and objects were carefully sourced to tie the open plan space together.

  • Interior design, home staging, wall decor
  • Interior design, contemporary furniture and mirror
  • Interior design, dining space
  • Tori & Tom | Bury St Edmunds, UK

    «HOUSE OF BO did an exceptional job and transformed my house into the most beautiful home beyond my imagination. Jen is very practical & will not compromise the functionality of the space but at the same time manages to deliver an incredible & beautiful space to live in! Thank you BO! »