We had so much fun working on this project! The challenge was to design a beautiful space, on a relatively modest budget, in a very limited time. We were confident that we could achieve it, and our ultimate goal was to fashion something extraordinary for the owner of AggieV and her valued customers.

The brief called for a Boutique that would feel like a second home for its owner. Onky envisioned the shop as a social hub where friends, family, and customers could gather and enjoy a glass of bubbly. During our first meeting, Onky expressed her love for the color green, which became the signature hue of the shop's interior. Green was incorporated through various mediums such as paint and beautifully upholstered velvet panelled walls. The design exudes glamour, much like its owner, with gold accents and contemporary lighting that give it a modern yet timeless feel. At the heart of the space sits a bespoke table that steals the show with its unique patterned design, adding personality and creating a one-of-a-kind feature exclusive to AggieV. We were thrilled with the overall ambiance and quality of the finish. The client was overjoyed, stating, "You didn't just create a shop, you created a brand."

  • Retail interior design, womenswear, lighting, aggiev, bungay
  • Customer space, retail design, women's fashion, bespoke furniture
  • Retail interior design, womenswear, aggiev, Bungay
  • Retail interior design, womenswear, aggiev, Bungay
  • Customer space, retail design, women's fashion, bespoke furniture
  • Onky @ AggieV | Bungay, UK

    « Last October, Jen and Stephane walked into my life and my shop AggieV. My initial thoughts were how to design/decorate the shop?  What I ended up with was far more than this, a beautiful shop and a brand identity!  

    The ideas put forward on mood boards and sketches, were amazing. This left two and half weeks for Jen and Stephane to pull it all together. Stephane and Jen were busy painting, and creating panels of upholstered velvet walls, and then carefully presented the stock, beautifully laid out in the shop.    

    With only a few hours to go before the opening of my shop, Jen and Stephane pulled it off!!!

    They both put their heart and soul into my shop, and went the extra mile.  They were a huge support to me as well, as this was my first venture into owning a shop. 

    The work of HOUSE OF BO is exceptional, I would always recommend them to other clients who need a magic wand of talent waved. And I was lucky enough to gain two new wonderful friends. »