Hi, I am Jen and I am behind House of Bo Interiors.
Just a little about me in case you are curious..
I have always had a passion for design, whether that be fashion or interiors/architecture/art-it all draws me in and makes me buzz!
The style you will find at House of Bo is a mixture of my Swedish heritage but also the style I have developed over time through travelling, staying curious in life and always being drawn in by art and design.
I grew up on the west coast of Sweden but as soon as I left school, I was off travelling. I studied fashion design in Sweden for 3 years and followed by a year in London studying Art & Design. For a few years I travelled and was exploring parts of the world but with my eyes set on furthering my design in Denmark.
Denmark didn’t happen.. But children with my English husband happened! In 2005 I moved to Bury St Edmunds. My plans took a different shape.. and whilst on mummy duty, refurbished a couple of houses which was making a living and it satisfied my creative side and it taught me tons!
When the children started school, I had the pleasure of being the window dresser for the beautiful shop Javelin in Bury St Edmunds (which I still do and love!).
I had this idea of House of Bo, (‘Bo’ not only being a Swedish name, it means LIVING in Swedish), of creating something that would offer beauty and style to your home-to make it have that little bit extra so when you are at home it makes you FEEL that bit extra! To be happy in your home-just simply takes living to the next level!
As risky as it may seem to start an interior business in the Covid times, I thinks this period demonstrated how important our space we live in really is. Our homes are having to work pretty hard to suit all of our needs and tick a lot of boxes, it is no surprise the home environment is being heavily recognised and rated more highly than ever. Not just as a financial investment but an investment into wellbeing and quality of life. 
So I went for it and I haven’t looked back since! 
What inspires and influences me
My Swedish upbringing and the scandi way and design has definitely shaped me as have my travels and living in different countries. I have always been drawn in by arts and design in whatever form and I love architecture.
I get inspired by all sorts! It can be nature, a piece of furniture or clothing, arts-always arts! In my view art it is what brings a space together- there are different ways of including art that doesn’t always mean a picture on a wall. A wall mural, wallpaper, textiles, a sculptural piece of furniture or light fitting can make a huge impression.
I feel today we get inspired by others all the time, hello instagram and Pinterest! We consciously or subconsciously ‘borrow’ and/or grow our ideas born out of others.
A favourite designer of the past is Gio Ponti and of new it has to be the California dreaming Kelly Wearstler. I admire her mix of old and new and bold interior choices that are completely fresh, current but that I can see will keep their style and cool for forever and a day!

I also adore Lenny Kravitz interior designs and way of thinking; ‘I think of myself living there, what would i want to do? Then I have to make it work to a large group of eyeballs’.

House of Bo shop

House of Bo was born out of my love for all things beautiful and my passion and deep rooted love for design & interiors. Sourcing items takes up a huge part of my time when designing a space and this in turn led my down the trail of being able to offer my finds to people appreciating my eye for design. The shop is definitely based on my personal taste. My constant goal is to find those special vintage pieces where the design of an object just stands out and has that special something about it. I will only source things I truly fall in love with-the century it is from feels less important…

I would like to think that the special vintage finds will be adored, admired and shine again in their new home!

Apart from the obvious benefit vintage has, reusing and being eco-friendly, one of the best things about vintage pieces is that they all have a story to tell..

The craftmanship, the style and design, tells us something about our collective history. The signs of age where the patina has developed over time and the wear on each individual piece makes it even more special. Investing in vintage pieces and keeping them alive to pass onto future generations, I believe, is a wonderful thing.

Ultimately, the reason that vintage piece is still here is because it can stand the test of time. Good design doesn’t age and doesn’t get dated-if is forever relevant.

I do also offer new items at times, if it ticks the boxes of true craftsmanship and has a design that makes me buzz- then I will try my best to get it to you!
Personally I love mixing vintage with modern.. BUT if I had to choose one or the other it’s and easy choice.. vintage wins every time! However, I say lets mix the best of old and new! What works in a space and what you are drawn to is the way to dress a space in my view.
My dream vintage piece
There are a feeew on this list.. but a three piece vanity unit designed by American industrialist Raymond Loewy is up there with the epic floor lamp by Frank Lloyd Wright (designed in 1911).
Hopefully you will find a special something that has been carefully handpicked by myself on this website. Perhaps something to put on your shelves or a piece of furniture, or by me helping you source/style/design your home.
Welcome to House of Bo and my most sincere thanks for visiting!
X Bo
Always go for what you love the most because that is the home you will want to live in.